The Company

The Company Paganelli Furniture has been founded 40 years ago in the High Tevere Umbro; cradle of active craftsmen who, thanks to the traditions of an earth full of history and rich in crafts, keep those shapes and those techniques, that recall old tastes, still alive.

A recall, that one of the past, in order to find again those values that have always been the key point of our culture.

The kitchen, in particular, is a feather in the Paganelli production’s cap; it was “workshop” of the women in the past, and nowadays it is a place of family meeting, a communicative and relaxing room, mirror of the house and realm of everyday life.

Our aim is to unite quality and simplicity with the new tendencies of colours and the convenience of the most modern accessories.

The work, made to measure, allows us to shape the space to the individualism of everyone, producing, from time to time, a unique and inimitable craftmade product.